Dr. Oscar Quevedo-Teruel

Associate Professor

Electromagnetic Engineering

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciece (EECS)

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Snow in Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Februry 2018:

Walking with Francisco Medina (Professor at the University of Seville) in Gamla Stan while having a beautiful snow. His visited supported the teaching in the course EI1222 Electromagnetic Fields. Continuation course.


Dinner in Kungsholmen, December 2017:

With Pablo Padilla (Prof. at the University of Granada), Adrian Tamayo (PhD student at the Polytechnic University of Madrid).


KTH, December 2017:

With Astrid Algaba-Brazalez (Ericsson Research), Eva Rajo-Iglesias (Carlos III University of Madrid) and Eloy de Lera (University Cambridge), in our way to the dissertation of Christos Kolitsidas.


Sljeme, Croatia, December 2017:

Just before my Erasmus visit to University of Zagreb, I was the weekend with Zvonimir Sipus hiking in Sljeme.


URSI Conference in Cartagena, Spain, September 2017:

Social visit during the URSI Conference in Cartagena, Spain. I had the pleasure to visit old mines and to talk with Prof. Mesa, from University of Seville, Spain.


Drottningholm, July 2017:

Saturday morning, visiting Drottningholm with: Prof. Luis Fernando Herran and Nuria Esparza from University of Oviedo, Spain.


Summer in Stockholm, 2017:

Walking in Stockholm with our visitor: Mauro Ettorre from University of Rennes 1, France.


Sacré-Cœur, Paris, March 2017:

Walking in Paris after a hard day at the EuCAP 2017 conference: Zvonimir Sipus, Marko Bosiljevac, Rhiannon Mitchell-Thomas, Eva Rajo-Iglesias, Astrid Algaba-Brazalez, Oscar Quevedo-Teruel, Carl Pfeiffer, Anthony Grbic.


Afterwork in Stockholm, February 2017:

After work in Stockholm during the visit of Miguel Camacho and Rhiannon Mitchell-Thomas during 2017. We had this afterwork with Qingbi Liao and Mahsa Ebrahimpouri.


Gamla Stan dinner, Stockholm, January 2017:

Prof. J.-L. Vazquez-Roy and Prof. E. Rajo-Iglesias from Carlos III University of Madrid visited KTH during January 2017. The visit was related to develop some of the activities associated to their National Research Council project in relation with glide-symmetric flat lenses. We decided to go afterwork to Gamla Stan to have dinner.


Antenna course dinner, Stockholm, April 2016:

Prof. Jose Gomez-Tornero was visiting KTH to contribute to the Msc course EI2400 Applied Antenna Theory, in April 2016. During his visit, we decided to have dinner together with Mahsa Ebrahimpouri, and Prof. Eva Rajo-Iglesias who was doing a research stage of 3 months at KTH. Both Eva and Mahsa contributed too to the Antenna course.


Visit to Vasa Museum, Stockholm, February 2016:

Prof. Mesa and Rodriguez-Berral contributed to the PhD course EI3310 Metasurfaces: Theory and Practice , during February 2016. During the visit, we had time to visit one of the most impressive attractions in Stockholm, the Vasa Museum.


Coffee at KTH, Stockholm, November 2015:

Prof. Sipus contributed to the PhD course EI3310 Metasurfaces: Theory and Practice , during November 2015. Here we had a discussion about circuit models and homogenisation in front of a coffee.


Afterwork, Summer 2015, New York:

During our participation in Meta15 in New York, we got some time to visit the city after the conference. In the photo (from left to right): Dr. Simon Horsley (University of Exeter), Prof. Guido Valerio (Université Pierre et Marie Curie), Oscar Quevedo-Teruel, Dr. Rhiannon Mitchell-Thomas (Univesrity of Exeter).


Social beers, Summer 2015, Detroit:

After one month collaborating with Prof. Grbic at University of Michigan, we decided to go for some drinks afterwork in Detroit. In the photo (from left to right): Dr. Mauro Ettorre (Université de Rennes), Oscar Quevedo-Teruel, Prof. Grbic (University of Michigan), Prof. Guido Valerio (Université Pierre et Marie Curie).


Valborg Night, 2015, Stockholm:

During Valborg, we decided to have a dinner to say goodbye to Prof. Guido Valerio (Université Pierre et Marie Curie), visiting KTH under ESF funding. In the photo, it is also Mahsa Ebrahimpouri (PhD student at KTH) and Cheikh Dieylar Diallo (PhD student at Université de Rennes) who was a visitor under ESF funding too.


Kulturnatt 2015, Stockholm:

Visit to Stadhuset in Stockholm, April 2015, Prof. Guido Valerio (Université Pierre et Marie Curie) was a visitor of KTH under ESF funding.


Nikola Tesla at University of Zagreb:

March 2015, Prof. Zvonimir Sipus (University of Zagreb) and I (with an ESF grant), after a lunch in the University canteen.


Runestones in Stockholm:

30th October, Daniel Rodriguez Prado (visiting PhD student from Universidad de Oviedo), Mahsa Ebrahimpouri (Phd student at KTH) and I, before having dinner in the center of Stockholm, we decided to search for runestones in Gamla Stan:



STEM Ambassador

I was STEM Ambassador in London in 2013. STEM Ambassadors offer their time, voluntarily, to enthuse and inspire students within schools in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Membership and expertise:

  • Member of IEEE (Antennas and Propagation Society) since 2005.
  • Expert of COST Vista (Versatile, Integrated, and Signal-aware Technologies for Antennas).
  • Member of EurAAP (European Association on Antennas and Propagation).