Smart charging strategies and optimal PV-EV sizing to increase the combined PV-EV hosting capacity in the distribution grid swegrids-logo

SweGRIDS research area Flexible Power Systems
SweGRIDS project code FPS26
Project type PhD
Status completed
Researcher Reza Fachrizal   (webpage)
University UU
Project period 2021-07-01 to 2023   
Project supervisor Joakim Munkhammar   (webpage)
Industrial sponsors Vattenfall

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Project abstract

The project will be a continuation of one of the existing PhD project in the Built Environment Energy Systems Group (BEESG), in which EV smart charging models for a single residential building and a community has been produced, and its impact on the residential LV distribution grid performance and hosting capacity has been assessed. As a continuation, the project will also be extended for workplace charging stations in cities and its impact in the city grid will also be evaluated. The project also aims to collect actual EV charging data from existing EV charging stations (EVCS) operators to validate the commonly used EV charging models.

Summary of work

2021. Published a research article on optimal system sizing of workplace solar powered charging station in Applied Energy.

2021. Presented and published a paper on solar forecasting for EV charging at IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technology (ISGT) Europe conference 2021.

Event log

Participation and paper presentation at IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technology (ISGT) Europe conference 2021 (18-21 Oct 2021)

Invited speaker at International Energy Agency (IEA) Energy in Building and Community (EBC) Annex 83 – Positive Energy Districts Subtask A Meeting.

Project reference-group

Joakim Widén,  UU
Mahmoud Shepero,  UU
Magnus Åberg,  UU
Nicholas Etherden,  Vattenfall
Johanna Barr,  Power Circle

Publications by this researcher

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The Impact of Considering State of Charge Dependent Maximum Charging Powers on the Optimal Electric Vehicle Charging Scheduling
Kun Qian,   Reza Fachrizal,   Joakim Munkhammar,   Thomas Ebel,   Rebecca Adam.
2023,   IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification

Synergy between Photovoltaic Power Generation and Electric Vehicle Charging in Urban Energy Systems : Optimization Models for Smart Charging and Vehicle-to-Grid
Reza Fachrizal.
2023,   Thesis (PhD), Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Digital 2260

Validating and Improving an Aggregated EV Model for Energy Systems Evaluation
Kun Qian,   Reza Fachrizal,   Joakim Munkhammar,   Thomas Ebel,   Rebecca Adam.
2023,   2023 11th International Conference on Smart Grid (icSmartGrid)

Multi-Criteria Assessment for City-Wide Rooftop Solar PV Deployment : A Case Study of Bandung, Indonesia
Anjar Dimara Sakti,   Kalingga Titon Nur Ihsan,   Tania Septi Anggraini,   Zahratu Shabrina,   Nugroho Adi Sasongko,   Reza Fachrizal,   Muhammad Aziz,   Jagannath Aryal,   Brian Yuliarto,   Pradita Octoviandiningrum Hadi,   Ketut Wikantika.
2022,   Remote Sensing, vol. 14(12)

Comparative studies of EV fleet smart charging approaches for demand response in solar-powered building communities
Pei Huang,   Joakim Munkhammar,   Reza Fachrizal,   Marco Lovati,   Xingxing Zhang,   Yongjun Sun.
2022,   Sustainable cities and society, vol. 85

Residential building with rooftop solar PV system, battery storage and electric vehicle charging : Environmental impact and energy matching assessments for a multi-family house in a Swedish city
Reza Fachrizal,   Oskar Lindberg,   Annisa Dhini Septi Kinasih,   Adrian Muntean,   Joakim Widén,   Joakim Munkhammar.
2022,   21st Wind & Solar Integration Workshop, Den Haag, The Netherlands, 12-14 October, 2022

Optimal PV-EV sizing at solar powered workplace charging stations with smart charging schemes considering self-consumption and self-sufficiency balance
Reza Fachrizal,   Mahmoud Shepero,   Magnus Åberg,   Joakim Munkhammar.
2021,   Applied Energy

Probabilistic load flow analysis of electric vehicle smart charging in unbalanced LV distribution systems with residential photovoltaic generation
Umar Hanif Ramadhani,   Reza Fachrizal,   Joakim Munkhammar,   Joakim Widén.
2021,   Sustainable cities and society, vol. 72

Direct forecast of solar irradiance for EV smartcharging scheme to improve PV self-consumptionat home
Reza Fachrizal,   Dennis van der Meer,   Joakim Munkhammar.
2021,   2021 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe (ISGT Europe)

Combined PV-EV hosting capacity assessment for a residential LV distribution grid with smart EV charging and PV curtailment
Reza Fachrizal,   Umar Hanif Ramadhani,   Joakim Munkhammar,   Joakim Widén.
2021,   Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks, vol. 26

Synergy between Residential Electric Vehicle Charging and Photovoltaic Power Generation through Smart Charging Schemes : Models for Self-Consumption and Hosting Capacity Assessments
Reza Fachrizal.
2020,   Thesis (Licentiate), Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering,

Smart charging of electric vehicles considering photovoltaic power production and electricity consumption : a review
Reza Fachrizal,   Mahmoud Shepero,   Dennis van der Meer,   Joakim Munkhammar,   Joakim Widén.
2020,   eTransportation, vol. 4

Improved Photovoltaic Self-Consumption in Residential Buildings with Distributed and Centralized Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles
Reza Fachrizal,   Joakim Munkhammar.
2020,   Energies, vol. 13(5)

Potential of battery storage systems to increase the self-consumption of photovoltaics in charging of electric vehicles in residential buildings
Mahmoud Shepero,   Reza Fachrizal,   Joakim Munkhammar,   Joakim Widén.
2019,   3rd E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium, Dublin, October 14, 2019

Increasing the photovoltaic self-consumption and reducing peak loads in residential buildings with electric vehicle smart charging
Reza Fachrizal,   Joakim Munkhammar.
2019,   3rd E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium, October 14, 2019, Dublin, Ireland

Optimal De-Centralized Smart Home-Charging: Potential Study
Mahmoud Shepero,   Reza Fachrizal,   Joakim Munkhammar.
2018,   2nd E-mobility integration workshop

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