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SweGRIDS research area Flexible Power Systems
SweGRIDS project code FPS3
Project type PhD
Status running
Researcher Johannes Hjalmarsson   (webpage)
University UU
Project period 2018-07-09 to 2023-   
Project supervisor Cecilia Boström   (webpage)
Industrial sponsors E.ON, Vattenfall

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Project abstract

Over the last decade, the prerequisites of the electric power system have changed remarkably. Nowadays, consumers are interacting with the power grid to a much larger extent than expected when designing the system. The integration of distributed solar energy production and charging of electric vehicles are only two among several more new upcoming consumer interactions. Besides, the technological development also points towards an increased electrification of the society. This will result in a higher electricity demand and larger daily fluctuations. At the same time, a transition from centralized to decentralized power production is taking place as of the integration of renewable energy sources. This also brings intermittency to the power system, thus the task to maintain balance and high power quality in the power system gets even more challenging.

This project aims at investigating the changes in current distribution grids as of the described challenges. Additionally, it is of importance to consider the energy storage aspect to claim and verify what role different energy storage techniques can and will play in future electric energy systems. One interesting approach is to consider a hybrid energy storage with multi-objective functionality, i.e. using a setup with more than one storage technique to accomplish several services simultaneously over one or more time scales.

Summary of work

A thorough literature review of the research topic has been started, with goal to result in at least two review articles.
Participation at several conferences, seminars and site visits have resulted in new contacts and references, which will be very useful in upcoming stages of the project.

Start of collaboration with STUNS in Uppsala.
Start of case studies with the sports facilities company of Uppsala municipality, Sportfastigheter AB.
Start of case study in Uppsala regarding flexibility of different user categories.
Start of case study in Uppsala regarding power quality in connection to large scale energy storage units.

Event log

2018. Site visit and data collection at National Maritime College of Ireland, 7-9 Oct. Cork, Ireland.

2018. Participation at EnergyNautics annual conference. Grid Integration Week, 15-19 Oct. Stockholm, Sweden

2018. Participation at Power Circle annual conference. Framtidens Elsystem, 15 Nov. Stockholm, Sweden.

Project reference-group

Christer Törnkvist,  ABB Corporate Research
Fredrik Carlsson,  Vattenfall
Alf Larsen,  E.ON

Publications by this researcher

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Service stacking using energy storage systems for grid applications : A review
Johannes Hjalmarsson,   Karin Thomas,   Cecilia Boström.
2023,   Journal of Energy Storage, vol. 60

The potential impact of a mobility house on a congested distribution grid – a case study in Uppsala, Sweden
Carl Flygare,   Alexander Wallberg,   Johannes Hjalmarsson,   Christoffer Fjellstedt,   Christoffer Aalhuizen,   Valeria Castellucci.
2021,   CIRED Porto Workshop 2022: E-mobility and power distribution systems

Large scale energy storage in Uppsala, Sweden : an analysis of voltage fluctuations and a service stacked portfolio
Johannes Hjalmarsson,   Karin Thomas,   Cecilia Boström,   Arne Berlin,   Fredrik Carlsson.
2022,   International Conference on Evolving Cities (ICEC), Southampton, UK and Online, 22-24 September, 2021

Grid Impact and Power quality Assessment in wave Energy Parks : Different layouts and Power Penetrations using Energy Storage
Arvind Parwal,   Johannes Hjalmarsson,   Tatiana Potapenko,   Sara Anttila,   Jennifer Leijon,   James Kelly,   Irina Temiz,   Janaína Goncalves de Oliveira,   Cecilia Boström,   Mats Leijon.
2021,   The Journal of Engineering, vol. 2021(8)

Power Hardware in-the-Loop Real Time Modelling using Hydrodynamic Model of a Wave Energy Converter with Linear generator Power Take-Off
Tatiana Potapenko,   Arvind Parwal,   James Kelly,   Johannes Hjalmarsson,   Sara Anttila,   Cecilia Boström,   Irina Temiz.
2019,   The 29th International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference (ISOPE), Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, June 16-21, 2019

Virtual Synchronous Generator Based Current Synchronous Detection Scheme for a Virtual Inertia Emulation in SmartGrids
Arvind Parwal,   Martin Fregelius,   Dalmo Cardosa Silva,   Tatiana Potapenko,   Johannes Hjalmarsson,   James Kelly,   Irina Temiz,   Janaína Goncalves de Oliveira,   Cecilia Boström,   Mats Leijon.
2019,   Energy and Power Engineering, vol. 11(3)

Power Hardware-in-the-loop simulations of Grid-Integration of a Wave Power Park
Irina Temiz,   Arvind Parwal,   James Kelly,   Tatiana Potapenko,   Jennifer Leijon,   Sara Anttila,   Johannes Hjalmarsson,   Hebert Laure,   Cecilia Boström.
2019,   13th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC), Napoli, Italy, September 1-6, 2019

Power Hardware in the Loop Real Time Modelling Using Hydrodynamic Model of a Wave Energy Converter with Linear Generator Power Take Off
Tatiana Potapenko,   Arvind Parwal,   James Kelly,   Jennifer Leijon,   Johannes Hjalmarsson,   Sara Anttila,   Cecilia Boström,   Irina Temiz.
2019,   Proceedings of 29th International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference (ISOPE), 16-21 June, 2019, Honolulu, USA

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