Slides for Project 'Pitch' Presentations

Slides for the project presentations for the SweGRIDS conference 2021 should be made according to the following:

Partner Logos

Slide-quality logos for the SweGRIDS sponsoring partners can be found here.

Please remember to include Energimyndigheten (Swedish Energy Agency) as the first sponsor. It sponsors all the projects substantially, even though it's not in the industrial-sponsors lists on the project pages.

Some time ago the "Power Grids" part of ABB became part of Hitachi, which until recently was called "Hitachi ABB Power Grids" (or HAPG). It is now (late 2021) Hitachi Energy, as you will see on the SweGRIDS Partners page. For projects that you think of as HAPG or ABB, you should now use the "hitachi-energy" logo.

Your own page under SweGRIDS Projects list page will help if you need a reminder of your project sponsors.

KTH and UU presentation templates

Modified KTH/UU presentation templates with the SweGRIDS and Energimyndigheten logos already in place are here:

The following are examples of the front-page apparance, for KTH or UU. Industry-partner logos should be added/deleted to suit your project – see above about Partner Logos, and note that Energimyndigheten should be present for all projects. You should of course also remove the pinkish text that tells you to change the logos!


The original templates are from the template webpages at KTH and UU.

Last change: 2021-10-22