Dr. Oscar Quevedo-Teruel

Associate Professor

Electromagnetic Engineering

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

KTH Royal Institute of Technology


PhD students under my main supervision:

  • Mahsa Ebrahimpouri - Her PhD is about high frequency lens and leaky antennas making use of transformation optics and glide-symmetric metasurfaces.
  • Qinbi Liao - Her PhD is about Wireless communication from apparatus-embedded sensors for online monitoring.
  • Qiao Chen - Her PhD is about higher symmetries and their application for antenna systems.

PhD students under my co-supervision:

Visitors to KTH:

Visiting postdocs and professors:

Visiting PhD students:

  • Adrian Tamayo (Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain) - He visited KTH four months (September-December 2017) based on a Spanish research scholarship. He participated in research activities in gap-waveguide with glide-symmetric holey structures.
  • Nuria Esparza (University of Oviedo, Spain) - She visited KTH three months (July-September 2017) based on internal funding of University of Oviedo. She contributed to research on active components based on glide symmetry.
  • Miguel Camacho-Aguilar (University of Exeter, UK) - He visited KTH in a research exchange funded by British funding in 2017 during 5 weeks (February-March). He was working in glide-symmetric CPW technology.
  • Cheikh Dieylar (Université de Rennes 1, France) - He visited KTH Mar-May 2015. He was working on optically transformed lenses and metasurfaces funded by ESF under project "New Frontiers in millimetre/sub-millimetre waves integrated dielectric focusing systems (NEWFOCUS)".
  • Daniel Rodriguez Prado (Universidad de Oviedo, Spain) - He visited KTH Aug-Oct 2014. He was working on optically transformed lenses and its implementation with bed of nails technology.

More external (past or present) collaborators:

At Hamburg University of Technology (Germany):

  • Dr. Lei Wang - Fellow at TUHH. I collaborate with him in low-dispersive leaky-wave antennas.

At Université de Rennes 1 (France):

  • Prof. Ronan Sauleau - Professor at Université de Rennes 1. I collaborated with him in the implementation of planar holey plate metasurfaces.

At University of Exeter (UK):

  • Dr. Simon Horsley - Lecturer at University of Exeter. I collaborate with him non-Eucledian transformations.
  • Dr. Ian Hooper - Research fellow at University of Exeter. I collaborate with him non-Eucledian transformations.

At University of Michigan (USA)

  • Prof. Anthony Grbic - Associate Professor. I collaborated with him in a STINT Project about metasurfaces and transformation optics.

At National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan)

At Queen Mary University of London (UK)

At TU Delft (The Netherlands)

  • Prof. A. Neto - The leader of the group of Applied Electromagnetism at TU Delft University, where I developed a stage in 2010 studying leaky lens antennas with dual-polarization.

At Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain):